I-Gaming Content Licensing Agreement Spin Games and Galaxy Gaming

I-Gaming Content Licensing Agreement Spin Games and Galaxy Gaming

A content licensing agreement between Galaxy Gaming Inc. and Spin Games LLC was declared today. The leading company boasting of the best interactive content and Remote Gaming Server technology (RGS) brings to light the deployment tactics to be utilized. 

One that would include taking into account the much-popularized table game content of Galaxy via Spin’s RO through its platform for Remote Gaming Server and right onto the palette of North American customers. 

Spin has its focus on integrating the premium titles of Galaxy’s table games. One has the coinage of “play for money” and deploys the same across the i-gaming markets across North America. This comes to the fore with the agreement that has been announced. 

The Spin Games Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Kent Young, corroborated the company’s take on the expansion. The partnership with Galaxy Gaming has led to premium table game content across their content portfolio. 

The primary focus is on the expansion of the gaming options across the client base. This expansion will integrate Galaxy’s games within the RGS as the I-Gaming continues its North American expansion.  

Galaxy Gaming’s President & CEO Todd Cravens commented about the excitement due to the inclusion of some popularized side bets across the world in their portfolio. One includes Lucky Ladies and 21+3 through its portal of Remote Gaming Server Platform on Spin’s ROC.

The partnership has jet-set into motion the appearance of dual bets with the inclusion of both 21+3 and Lucky Ladies in the market. 

The criteria of aligning with Spin Games is to provide double the delight and keeping the players hooked through engaging content. One that markets itself either be it in a casino or online. 

Spin Games boasts of several specializations, from best interactive technologies to regulate social and real B2B money gaming markets to designing top-class gaming content. 

Spin Games have been a leader in Remote Gaming Server Technology, and their portfolio speaks of their interactive content and stylized applications. 

Spin Games offers a compatible HTML5 format in its portfolio made to fit into several mobile applications to desktop servers seamlessly. 

The content portfolio boasts of appealing themes coupled with stellar graphics and features that speak of the versatility across the third-party titles and proprietaries. 

Spin Games came into being in 2012 in Nevada and has since then worked its way up by partnering with several top-tier content providers for gaming. The RGS licensing has allowed Konami Gaming, Incredible Technologies, and Everi under its banner.

Galaxy Gaming has its headquarters in Nevada. They are focused on designing and distributing bonusing systems, technological solutions for online and physical casinos, and innovative games across the world. Showcasing the highest level of customer support, the offered games under its banner have a proven track record for performance. 

Galaxy Gaming has emerged as a leader in licensing proprietary table games throughout the online gaming industry, thanks to its subsidiary Progressive Games Partners.

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