Darwin Gaming and Yggdrasil Bring Baccarat Evolution to the Market

Darwin Gaming and Yggdrasil Bring Baccarat Evolution to the Market

Players who enjoy playing online baccarat will now be able to enjoy a new immersive experience, courtesy of Yggdrasil and Darwin Gaming. Their partnership has brought Baccarat Evolution to the market.

What it offers is to make the experience a truly immersive one in a perfect modern adaptation of classical features. Baccarat Evolution aims to mimic a real-life casino gameplay experience. For this purpose, both partners have worked extensively on the features of the game.

The Release Of Baccarat Evolution

The interface of Baccarat Evolution is intuitive and customizable. This is supported by a new feature that steals the entire show.

Revealing the suspense, Yggdrasil and Darwin Gaming have come up with the Peak and Reveal feature. The first title of Darwin Gaming as a TG Masters partner, Baccarat Evolution, offers this feature to enable its players to manually reveal their cards.

Those who play on their personal mobile devices will be able to simply swipe with their finger to reveal the card. This is an attempt to weigh more on the real-life casino scenario.

In addition to Peak and Reveal, players will be able to enjoy three unique themes, namely Dark, Light, and Classic. Every theme will change the way the game appears on the screen of the player.

Players can opt to have a quicker version of Baccarat Evolution on the game through its Turbo Mode. This feature increases the speed of handling the game. It is very easy to enable and/or disable the Turbo Mode between the bets.

Darwin Gaming and Yggdrasil have also released Baccarat Evolution VIP. This version of the game offers all the features of Baccarat Evolution. The only exception is the increased limit of the bets that allows players to place bets of higher amounts.

Baccarat Evolution is powered by Yggdrasil’s technology enabling partner, GATI. It employs development toolkits that are standardized as per the industry, pre-configured, and follow all regulations.

Stuart McCarthy, the Head of Product & Programs at Yggdrasil, expressed his excitement for the release and called the game fantastic.

Nuno Gonçalinho, the Chief Executive Officer of Darwin Gaming, said that the company was filled with pride to release Baccarat Evolution in partnership with Yggdrasil.

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