Bitcoin Casinos and Blockchain: Adding Trust to Online Gambling

Bitcoin Casinos and Blockchain

Bitcoins are the most popular form of cryptocurrency in the world today. Introduced in January 2009, they are a decentralized form of currency system supported by blockchain technology. Bitcoin’s current value stands at 23,939.40 USD.

Bitcoin casinos are more of a recent phenomenon; the very first casinos came into existence in 2012 with the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin-based gaming website known as 

Understanding Bitcoin Casinos

What do you think is the most distinctive trait of Bitcoin casinos? 

One can say that these are online gaming, gambling, and betting platforms but what sets them apart from classical online casinos is their ability to accept cryptocurrency transactions. Even if they accept conventional currencies, they would still be utilizing Bitcoins as an alternative payment and withdrawal option. You can go through a comparison between bitcoin casino vs regular online casino information so that you can decide what will be more beneficial for you, therefore without any further due, check it out today and start playing! Apart from this, go through how the online gambling industry is entering into the market with the help of cryptocurrency; from this, you will understand their advantages. As a result, you can play more efficiently.

Clients can participate in gambling, online poker, sports-betting & spread betting games, online lotteries, and also some traditional casino games in the online format.

Key Features:

  • Cheaper transaction rates offered in Bitcoin casinos
  • Tax-free Bitcoin transactions are possible
  • Higher amounts of incentives
  • User anonymity offered is preferred by most clients
  • Safe and secure transactions attract many customers
  • The global accessibility of these online casinos ensures having clients round the clock.

What Makes Bitcoin Casinos So Reliable?

As already mentioned in the above pointers, Bitcoin casinos offer plenty of advantages to make them popular among people. Some such features and benefits are discussed below.

Fair Gameplay

One specific fact about these gaming platforms is that they are run by dedicated software developers, eliminating the risk of scams or forgery. Clients prefer them over traditional casinos is because they operate fairly as per the set rules.

Most Bitcoin casinos reveal the software algorithms to their clients to convince them and improve rapport.

Also, blockchains are irreplicable and transparent, which only provides more assurance to the customers.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Another preferred feature of online Bitcoin-based casinos is anonymity. It is preferred by most clients as they don’t feel compelled to divulge personal information in order to gamble, unlike conventional lottery and gambling games. This also saves them from getting in trouble with the regulatory bodies of their region or country.

Cryptographic Security

Blockchains are decentralized ledgers that are secured by cryptography—they are untraceable and immutable.

Instant Payouts

Transactions happen at lightning-speed without any follies or payment deferral. Money lending, borrowing, withdrawal, or deposits happen almost instantaneously, making it more feasible for customers. 

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

When it comes to gambling or betting online and offline, the subject of legality differs from region to region. Gambling jurisdictions of each country primarily guide their legality status. Bitcoin casinos are illegal in the U.S., whereas legalized in Canada.

But this doesn’t have much impact on gamblers; the global accessibility of such platforms coupled with the anonymity offered by these gaming sites is what makes them sign-up for them in the first place.

Blockchain Technology in Casinos

Blockchain technology can transform online as well as offline casino gaming. It works as a digital ledger of transactions replicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems connected as blocks. This makes it difficult to hack or track information.

Blockchain technology in online Bitcoin casino gaming thus helps in the following ways:

  • It enables P2P transactions
  • It offers biometric security in mobile applications
  • Players can borrow and lend money easily
  • Its secure nature offers best-in-class financial security
  • Transaction speed is high with zero-to-low processing fees
  • Players have complete control over their money that they can easily manage.

Therefore, click here to know more about the importance and advantages of blockchain technology in casinos.

Is Bitcoin Casino the Future of iGaming?

iGaming started back in 1994, and by 2006, online gaming had generated $21 billion. However, the launch of Bitcoins revamped the online casino industry in a span of 11 years.

The merits offered by Bitcoin casinos do provide a competitive edge over classical online casinos. Hence both gamers and online casino owners might be looking at Bitcoin casinos as the future of iGaming.

Future of Bitcoin Casinos in Coming Years

The market of Bitcoin casinos has been expanding ever since 2012. One key aspect of these Bitcoin casinos is that they largely influence the Bitcoin market. In 2012, when the first Bitcoin-based gaming site was launched, it had increased the daily Bitcoin transactions to five times.

Hence, the scope and future of Bitcoin casinos does look promising, especially due to its ability to influence the whole of the cryptocurrency market, and another reason being the anonymous structure of these casinos.

The Bottom Line

Though gambling is always considered to be a risky and volatile venture, yet if you do want to take your chances, then online Bitcoin casinos do offer a fair chance of winning games, provided that the odds are in your favor. Online Bitcoin casinos might take over classical casinos, given both gamers and game developers’ see the advantages in the long-term.

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